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The RACGP Curriculum for Australian General Practice 2016

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Curriculum coverThe complete 2016 Curriculum consists of a number of units in addition to contextual units. All units will be available for download as a PDF shortly.

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The RACGP wishes to thank the following people for their time, energy, efforts and expertise in the development of the 2016 curriculum.

Editorial Committee

A/Prof Morton Rawlin
Dr Gillian Singleton
Dr Judith S Walker
Dr Karin Jodlowski-Tan
Dr Kate Davey
Dr Rebekah Ledingham (formerly Adams)
Dr Robert Menz

Principal Medical Writer

Dr Gillian Singleton

Medical Writers

A/Prof Vicki Kotsirilos
Dr Gillian Singleton
Dr Helen Chriss
Dr Jason Ong
Dr Libby Harris
Dr Margaret Kay
Dr Maureen Ryan
Dr Robert Menz
Dr Scott Masters
Dr Sophie Samuel
Dr Suzanne Pearson
Dr Tanya Scott

RACGP Project team

Dr Gillian Singleton
Dr Mark Rowe
Dr Ronald McCoy
Ms Tess Joseph
Ms Vanessa Lynne

RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander faculty committees and interest groups
RACGP National Faculty of Specific Interests
RACGP Rural faculty, committees and interest groups

Content experts

A/Prof Jan Ranford
A/Prof John Lit
Dr Alan Young
Dr Alison Sands
Dr Alison Walker
Dr Cameron Loy
Dr Carolyn O’Shea
Dr Catherine Regan
Dr Deepthi Iyer
Dr George Crisp
Dr Gillian Singleton
Dr Heather Buchan
Dr I Hao Cheng
Dr Jill Gordon
Dr Johanna Lynch
Dr John Hardy
Dr Joseph Turner
Dr Justin Tse
Dr Katriona Herborn
Dr Kay Atkinson
Dr Kylie Dodsworth
Dr Linda Mann
Dr Megan Evans
Dr Melissa Kang
Dr Michael Aufgang
Dr Ronald McCoy
Dr Rosalie Schultz
Dr Ruth McNair
Dr Simon Morgon
Dr Suellen Allen
Dr Timothy Senior
Dr Veda Rengasamy
Dr Wendy Thornthwaite
Dr Larissa Roeske
Dr Neville Board
Dr Wendy Pearce
Prof Gary Wittert
Prof John Turnidge
Prof Lyndal Trevena
Prof Tania Wizenberg


Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
MS Health
The Royal Australian College of Physicians

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